And So Here We Are

photographs by Chris Mills

Exhibition on View: March 9–March 24, 2019
Lost Origins Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 9, 7–10pm
Gallery Hours: Saturday–Sunday, noon–6pm, and by appointment
3110 Mount Pleasant St NW

Chris Mills’ photographic works explore the psychological impact of color, light and form and our subjective relationship to the spaces we surround ourselves with. In “And so Here We Are,” wooded landscapes invite us to consider that what we see is ultimately a reflection of ourselves.

Forests maintain an order entirely their own – a balance of symmetry, chaos, beauty and disorder. In this sanctuary, there is thriving without victory, desolation without solace. Conservationists encourage us to protect these environments by only removing that which we bring in, leaving the physical space undisturbed by our presence. Conversely, the opportunity to be impacted on a subconscious or spiritual level exists within us and is intertwined with our own approach to what we see.

Mills presents fifteen large format photographs, drawing the viewer into a landscape of their own making, a dream-like navigation of imagined possibilities. What we find is influenced by what we carry inside, what we believe and what we seek; a setting to both lose and find ourselves.