"I'm Walkin' Here"


 Erick Jackson

March 10 - April 21

Artist Talk & Closing Reception Sat April 21, 6-9 pm

Viewings by Appointment: info@lostorigins.com // 202.409.6211


“I’m walkin’ here!” - Ratso Rizzo

For his first solo exhibition at Lost Origins Productions, Erick Jackson presents a new body of work created between 2014-2018. “I’m Walkin’ Here” is a series of quiet, meditative, and ghost-like paintings inspired by the landscapes of his daily life. According to the artist, the concept of the “Phantom Zone” (originated in Superman comic books) is the most apt way of describing the mood of his work. “The Phantom Zone is an inter-dimensional realm outside the normal space/time continuum. People trapped in the Zone can never get old or die, but they can see outside of the zone and watch the events of the outside world.”

The title “I’m Walkin’ Here” refers to the artist’s main mode of transportation. “On these walks, I space out.  I’m drawn to sights that fill me with the feeling of timelessness, escape, a ghost voyeur in an out-of-body spectral state. All the images are based on every day locations. When these locations reappear in my dreams, they are rearranged and blended with my subconscious.”

In this body of work, Jackson applied diffuse layers of Flashe paint with brushes and a mouth atomizer to create a misty, atmospheric world simultaneously familiar and strange; eerie, yet tranquil.  Alleyways, campgrounds, neighborhood sidewalks,  living rooms, and translucent figures are all part of the architectural, and the organic, landscape: inviting the viewer to take a walk.

About the Artist

Born in Washington, D.C. in 1972, Erick Jackson graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1994, and continues to live and work in D.C.

Most recently, Jackson had solo exhibitions at the Lois Lambert Gallery in Los Angeles and at Sala Diaz in San Antonio, TX. In Washington, he has had solo exhibitions at Civilian Art Projects, Transformer, and D.C. Arts Center. A musician and visual artist, he founded the band the Apes in 1999, that has since morphed into the three-piece band, Heavy Breathing. His work is in many private collections. It has been reviewed in Identity Magazine, The Intentional, The Washington Post, Washington City Paper, and more