Rania Hassan

Exhibition on View: February 8–March 3, 2019
Lost Origins Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, February 8, 7–10pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, February 24, 2–3pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, March 2, 6–9pm
Gallery Hours: Saturday–Sunday, noon–6pm, and by appointment
3110 Mount Pleasant St NW

“Sometimes one has to know something many times over. Sometimes one
forgets, and then remembers. And then forgets, and then remembers. And
then forgets again.”
—Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts

Rania Hassan combines knitting and painting to weave sculptural
stories about our connections to time, place, and circumstance. While
our memories change each time they are recalled, in looking back we
can see things more clearly. UNRAVEL is about how we often have to
take things apart to put them back together.

In knitting, unraveling is about correcting an error, or starting
over. There is a vulnerability in letting things fall apart, and a
revelation in seeing the new forms reassembled. Our experiences are so
interconnected and overlaid that sometimes we only remember beginnings
and endings, leaving the middles feeling hazy like clouds. Everything
changes us, and every memory recalled is transformed by what we know

UNRAVEL was made from discarded elements of previous artworks and
installations. Details drawn over and over—similar to how knitting
involves patterns of the same stitch—are woven together again to take
on new life. This repetition elucidates how memories aren’t solitary,
they exist because they are indelibly intertwined with past and
present and involved in a perpetual cycle of creation, deconstruction,
and regeneration.