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Materializing Patterns

paintings. sculpture. video.

Paula Martinez & John Scharbach

Paula Martinez’s installation, “A Cyborg Industrial Complex”, explores the use of camouflage as the best representation of “self” as defined by Donna Haraway’s 1984 essay, A Cyborg Manifesto. The installation uses camouflage to help visualize our most tacky, obnoxious, shy, and neutral selves as series of inter-woven, connected, and overlapping identities.

John Scharbach is a veteran of the DC music scene. He’s a founding member of the Washington DC band GIVE, owner of Shining Life publishing, and runs Moshers Delight and New Absolute record labels. Materializing Patterns is his first painting exhibition.


Jan 5- Jan 27

Gallery Hours are Sat & SUN 12-6

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