Lost Origins Gallery is a privately owned and operated space located in the historic Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington D.C. Lost Origin Productions is an arts and culture focused multi-media company directed by Jason Hamacher. From 2005-2010, Hamacher worked in Syria and was granted unprecedented access to the city of Aleppo. He went to document ancient religious traditions and, inadvertently, captured the apex of Syria’s modernization before the eruption of war. He is currently working on several long term projects with Smithsonian Folkways and the Library Of Congress and contributes to the international conversation on Syria with public addresses, media interviews, and frequent exhibitions. 

Hamacher built the Lost Origins Gallery to create a space that's inviting, intimate and not monetarily driven. Lost Origins Gallery hosts exhibitions and events, in all mediums, based on concept alone. Sales are optional and encouraged. 

Architect - Brett Harris, RAHarchitects

Lighting & Suspension Consultants - Alec MacKaye & Laura Tighe

Sound provided by Sonos

Suspension provided by Systematic Art